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WATCH: ISIS Fighters Turn Crybaby After BRUTAL Dose Of Their Own Medicine

A video is spreading across social media after a few ISIS fighters were captured by soldiers in Iraq. Unfortunately for the jihadists, things didn’t go according to plan as their captors gave them a taste of their own medicine – and that’s about the time the wannabe militants turned into blubbering crybabies.

It doesn’t take much to see that ISIS consists more of wannabe soldiers than trained killers, but they most recently went to prove just that beyond a shadow of a doubt. As it turns out, a shocking video depicts what happened after 3 jihadists were captured and force-fed a brutal dose of their own medicine, which was apparently too much for them to swallow.

The world has watched on for years now as ISIS mercilessly murdered anyone in their path, but it seems they don’t like being subject to their own treatment. As seen in the clip below, which claims to show Iraq troops giving ISIS fighters what they deserve, the terrorists were dragged through the streets of Mosul – but that was the least of their worries.

After all, ISIS only understands one language – violence. Honestly, does anyone think that if the roles were reversed, these men would have hesitated before slitting the throats of these Iraqi soldiers? The fact of the matter is, the inhuman Islamic State shouldn’t cry about human rights when they have no respect for human lives themselves.

Respect is a two-way street; you have to give some to get some. Many argue that human rights are a standard that is easily corrupted. When someone shows no respect for life, their life is thereby rendered worthless by their own action. At that point, no one really cares if you’re gunned down in the street like the rabid animal that you are.

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