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..Trump Fans Are Now Saying That Hillary Clinton Was Replaced With A Body Double

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s team announced she had pneumonia after she left a 9/11 tribute early. The presidential candidate later made an appearance looking better outside her daughter’s New York City home.


The candidate’s turnaround has sparked perhaps the most insane conspiracy theory of the election yet: that the person outside the apartment was a body double.


Trump fans, and I guess whoever else loves conspiracies, began to tweet about the theory in earnest using the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble.


One common theme was that Clinton appeared “thinner” when she greeted reporters after the event.


Another was that there weren’t any Secret Service agents accompanying Clinton when she left her daughter’s apartment, even though other photos show her flanked by agents.


Many people said the double could have been Teresa Barnwell, a well-known Clinton impersonator.

SHE HAS BEEN FOUND!! Here is her Facebook and she claims to be an actress! RT RT RT

Things got a little weird from there.


People got really in-depth with their ~analysis~.



The “evidence” had a lot of people convinced!


Other people also hopped on the hashtag to troll those who may actually believe the theory.


Woke up with heartburn.
Saw that was trending.
Oh, not heartburn, just my body literally rejecting the stupid.



SMH was a common sentiment.

Me: Let’s see what the smart users of Twitter are talking about today.
Me: *See trending*

trending. Think I may have seriously underestimated human stupidity.

As for Barnwell, she assured people that she wasn’t the body double on Twitter.

OK people, calm down. I was in LA today, all day. Was just messin’ with your crazy conspiracy minded little heads. Go to bed.

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