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Muslims Demand Trump Do One Thing For Them NOW Or They’ll Leave U.S. – Mass Muslim Exodus Coming! .|

The world’s Muslim Refugees have sent President Donald Trump a stern and harsh warning. They have made it extremely clear to that if the US government bans sharia law, they will leave the United States of America for good.

Yes, you read that correctly. The same people who are are invading our great nation, and many other freedom-loving nations, have taken it upon themselves to make it extremely clear that they will only follow one type of law. None other than their own barbaric Sharia Law. They have given the US government and president Trump an ultimatum, which if not met, will result in them packing up and leaving our great freedom loving nation.


“As of late in the Netherlands, amid a stunning TV portion about a new group of Syrian vagrants, a Dutch TV columnist moved toward the Syrians subsequent to discovering that they were dozing outside in dissent of the conditions they were living in.

“This is not an existence when you get inside to a room without a TV. Only a bed, there is no refrigerator, no lockers, no protection,” gushed an English-speaking Syrian lady with colored red hair and more pleasant garments than one may hope to see on an evacuee.

“Will remain outside on the grounds that we would prefer not to eat this sustenance, and we would prefer not to remain in the room. We’re fleeing from our nation as a result of the circumstance, and now we live in a correctional facility,” the lady proceeded, clearly disturbed by the cutting edge, safe living condition gave at citizen cost.

Among others interviewed, many additionally added that they wish to see the laws of their country executed into their new home. “We require Sharia Law all together for our group to develop and thrive in our new homes in Europe… ”

The following morning, the correspondent conversed with her once more, and she stayed immovable in her dissent of such brutal living conditions. She even griped about the remittance they were accepting cordiality of the legislature of the Netherlands.

She told the staggered correspondent that she thought they’d be in an ideal situation backpedaling to their Islamic State-swarmed Syrian country.

“Here, it is not an existence. There, we know there is a war, however here there is no life. You are staying here in prison. It’s a similar circumstance, yet in Syria, you can live without a doubt. They are giving us only 10 to 12 Euro (seven days). It’s not genuine,” she griped.”

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