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Muslim Migrant Rape 5-Year Old Girl From Idaho. TRUMP Think He DESERVE Life Sentence. Do you agree?

In the summer of 2016, a 5-year-old girl was raped and urinated upon by three Muslim refugee boys in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since then, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused by law enforcement and governing authorities as if they were the criminals – because what happened to their little girl contradicts the politically correct narrative about Muslim migrants. On Tuesday, it got even worse.

Idaho’s KMVT reported Wednesday that “the case has been resolved” as the three juvenile perpetrators “pleaded guilty in the sexually [sic]assault case of a 5-year-old Twin Falls girl.” The article says that “the family and attorney of the family of the 5-year-old victim approved the settlements reached in each of the three cases.” It quotes prosecuting attorney Grant Loebs: “I am pleased we resolved this case and received a result which was approved and agreed upon by the victim’s family and attorney. This continues to be a serious and sad case, but this is a proper resolution.”

Reality is different. Lacy Peterson, the victim’s mother, told me: “It isn’t a done deal. They’re trying to play it out to be, but it’s not over at all. When we go to sentencing they can get more charges. And we are allowed to speak as victims, and so I am praying that they get a huge sentencing.” That will be in about three weeks.

Lacy continued: “Our lawyer talked to the prosecutor, and we did not say that we were OK with it. … We will be able to speak at the next hearing, and they will be showing the video to the judge.” One of the perpetrators filmed the rape and gleefully showed part of the video to Levi, the poor girl’s father.

In the courtroom on Tuesday, however, one of the perpetrators’ fathers was energetically claiming victim status. Lacy told me: “What happened today was a huge mess. The father fainted, and we had to stop court for a bit so the ambulance can come get him. It was so crazy and hectic.” He should have fainted when he heard what his son did. Instead, he gave him a high five. Tuesday, however, his attempt to garner pity failed. Said Lacy: “But we continued on without him. Supposedly he has medical problems.”

All this happened against the backdrop of still more favoritism toward the perpetrators. Lacy stated: “It makes me so angry because my mom and Levi’s mom aren’t even allowed in the courtroom, but they can have family and friends there. That is so unjust. I still can’t believe there were so many different women at every hearing who claimed to be the mom one time, and then she’s a family friend the next time.”

At the hearing, the three older rapists were charged with double felonies, and the youngest boy with one felony. They were charged with “sexual lewd conduct” (SLC), which is essentially the same as rape. Loebs explained that this newly invented charge “fits better than rape.” They didn’t want to call what the boys did rape, even though it was according to Idaho law. Why not? Did someone tell them not to allow these Muslim migrants to be guilty of rape? Who is protecting them, and why?

The KMVT article quotes the family’s attorney, Mark Guerry: “For the record we did in fact approve the resolution of the criminal juvenile plea agreements. That should not be construed to mean the parents of the little 5-year-old victim are completely and fully satisfied with the outcome of the cases. The parents did, however, wish to finally see some kind of resolution of these cases, which have languished in the courts since June 2016. Furthermore, the truth of the matter is nothing will ever restore the lost innocence and vanished happiness of this little 5-year-old girl who was viciously sexually assaulted.

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