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Is Donald Trump Equipped to Run the Country? The Answer is an Absolute Yes! WRITE EVERYTHING

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s honesty, lack of political correctness, ability to create wealth and consistencies in economic concepts convey his possession of the required levels of competence necessary to run the country and all form the foundation upon which his supporters stand. This foundation ultimately deems Trump equipped to take on the office as president of the U.S.

For the past three decades, Trump as real estate connoisseur, corporate professional, billionaire, author and now politician, has been warning the U.S. of the coming tragedy that is to take place. The U.S. will no longer be the powerful nation it has been for centuries. All great empires must fall. Trump, however, has the mental capacity, knowledge, judgement, temperament, experience and wealth necessary to rehabilitate the country and prevent the demise of this great empire.

Trump has studied the nation’s economy for over 40 years and has come to a standing conclusion that he has publicized before the American people since the year of 1980. Alongside the possession of his many professions and levels of expertise, he has built amiable relationships with leading business officials all across the world and has made considerably large contributions to over 30 different economies worldwide, ultimately advancing the lives of mankind through the enormous stream of wealth at his disposal.

“Money is a little bit of a scorecard, but I don’t do it for the money. I do it because I really enjoy it. I love the creative process,” Trump said.

He is taken seriously because he is consistent and successful in his efforts to create wealth. If he’s capable of generating such wealth for himself, why wouldn’t he be able to apply the same skills that have proven to be effective to the country’s budget?

Trump is outspoken and not politically correct. Some Americans are of the opinion that these very attributes are worthy of high praise because what Trump says, many people wish they could say. He is ultimately enabling Americans to become as outspoken as they truly desire to be. Not worrying about the opinions of others or how others will perceive their perceptions, but also by living their own moral opinions and core values.

The following quote serves as an example of the attributes that have made it possible for Trump to be taken seriously as a politician running for the office of president. In it, Trump states that he strives to pay as little in taxes as he possibly can, as does every other American congruent to himself. Such a statement has never been made before by another presidential candidate in the history of America.

“I fight like hell to pay as little as possible for two reasons. Number one, I’m a businessman. And that’s the way you’re supposed to do it. The other reason is that I hate the way our government spends our taxes. I hate the way they waste our money. Trillions and trillions of dollars of waste and abuse. And I hate it.”

Trump’s honesty and lack of political correctness not only enable millions of Americans to embrace, broadcast and defend their personal opinions and values. These attributes have catapulted him into serious recognition as the next potential commander in chief of the U.S.

Essentially, Trump’s attributes, entailing honesty, frankness, the nonexistence of a politically correct perspective, his proven track record of creating enormous wealth and his consistent conceptual economic stance of 30 years render him capable of taking office as President of the United States.

As stated at the Republican National Convention by former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, “Washington needs a complete turnaround and Donald Trump is the agent of change and he will be the leader of the change we need.”


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