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WATCH: Ohio Man Who Raped 6-Month-Old Baby to Death Wants Mercy. What do you think?(VIDEO)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Condemned killer Steven Smith’s argument for mercy isn’t an easy one. Smith acknowledges he intended to rape his girlfriend’s 6-month-old daughter but says he never intended to kill the baby. The girl, Autumn Carter, died because Smith was too drunk to realize his assault was killing …

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Should McDonald’s Employee Who Made Facebook Killer Wait So Police Could Get There Get The $50,000 Reward?

Facebook Live murder suspect Steven Stephens was outsmarted by a 20 p. Chicken Nuggets and fries from McDonald’s. He ordered the food while escaping police in Erie, PA but the quick thinking staff at McDonald’s delayed his order to stall him so that Police could get there. They told him …

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Muslim Mob Throws A 24-Year-old Christian Man Off a Third Story Building. (video) Do You Support Them?

In other words, Muslims Just Being Muslims. Muslim residents of a village in southern Minya province attacked Christian homes, burning 10 houses and wounding 15 Christians, including a 15 year-old girl thrown from the third floor of a building, according to Ezzat Ibrahim, an activist who monitors minority rights. Ibrahim …

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Two displaced person youngsters who were put in ninth-grade classes at Montgomery County Schools, Maryland, have been captured and accused of the fierce assault of a 14-year-old young lady, and no less than one of the young men had a pending expulsion arrange from ICE. The young men, recognized as …

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If Cops Wont Stop Muslim Gangs Are You OK With These Badass Vigilantes Doing The Job ? (Video)

Europe has quickly realized that they’re in for more than they bargained for when it came to welcoming in the hoard of refugees now flooding the continent. While many of us were initially worried only about the possibility of terrorists slipping through the cracks, that was just one potential problem. …

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BREAKING: This is American Muslim who rape 15 years old girl in Texas he was beaten by Trump supporter. Do you support this?

If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook or Twitter in the past several months, you’re probably aware that there is a case working its way through the courts that accuses Donald Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1994. On Wednesday, the woman, who remains anonymous, was slated to appear at …

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